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Hadi Awang claims that the Taliban has changed but the Western Media was bias towards them

NewsHadi Awang claims that the Taliban has changed but the Western Media...

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang had took to Facebook to defend the Taliban, claiming that the organisation has taken over Afghanistan was not like it used to be in the past and they have changed for the better.

In addition, he claims that it was the Western media which deliberately spread that the Taliban were involved in drug cultivation and distribution in Afghanistan to tarnish the image of Islam in the eyes of the world.

Hadi also condemned the Western media for deliberately spreading false information about the Taliban’s involvement in drugs and he claims that the Taliban was only dealing in drugs as it was the non-Muslim who came to them for the business, and subsequently scolded the Taliban for banning the trade.

“Now, after the Taliban once again managed to make history in Afghanistan by defeating the US troops who were finally forced to retreat, there is a sudden change in the Taliban’s approach.”

Source: AP News

“Among them is declaring a mass amnesty for government employees who were previously under the influence of the United States.” he said.

“In addition, they also accepted a diverse society comprising of the different ethnic groups of Afghanistan, including the Sunni and Shiasdf.”

“They continue to fight and uphold the principles of Islam.”

Source: Defense one

Hadi then pointed out that the Afghans were now under the Ulama’s leadership and they are studying at the Hanafi school and were informed about the current political developments. They are aware of the current situation in the world too.

“The Hanafi school has the same concept as other schools in Islam. It is a sect that is firm in matters of the pillars of faith and Islam, that is, in matters called ‘thawabit’ (aspects of fixed principles).”

“As for the matter that is flexible or elastic for ijtihad, it is called the matter of ‘mutaghayyirat’, an aspect that undergoes changes in the situation and the reality of society.” he added.

Meanwhile, Hadi commented that the incidents that occurred at the Kabul Airport were those who were once under the influence of the United States. He claims that these people believed that the Taliban’s rule will instill fear in the community.

“Although the Taliban government has announced an amnesty, they are still nervously fleeing.”

Nonetheless, he urge the public to not be influenced by the “false” news spreading on the Internet and the people must research and find out the truth themselves.

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Read the statement from Hadi Awang here:


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