Monday, February 6, 2023

Former Miss Universe Malaysia says she will never wear a ‘Diaper’ on her Face to showcase Her ‘Sovereignty’

Social NewsFormer Miss Universe Malaysia says she will never wear a 'Diaper' on...

The former Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, Samantha Katie James is once again making headlines for her controversial comments.

On Monday (23 August), Samantha alleged took to her Instagram and share that she is against wearing face ‘diaper’ in public and claims that it is her ‘sovereignty’.

She posted a photo of herself and her friend, who is a yoga instructor and a clinical hypnotherapist in training and captioned “Me and my princess doing our thing. Because we are cute like that surrounded by everyone with their face masks on. Spreading our light and sovereignty everywhere, tinkles of magic that they don’t even deserve to be honest.”

She then continue on sharing that she was turned on by a man who was walking by her as he took off his face mask.

Source: Instagram

“I saw a guy walk past me pull his mask off and crunch it in his hand! THAT’S MY MAN, love you whoever you were, that was HOT, a turn on!!” she said.

She added that she will never wear a face ‘diaper’ on her face unless she is going undercover around annoying people.

“Also, who the f*ck cares about algorithms. That’s for basic b*tches, NPCs (non-player characters). More hot, free, sovereign pictures to come, be triggered b*tchs. I will NEVER wear that f*cking diaper on my face unless of course, I use it to be undercover around annoying people.”

“If you see me out, come say hello, don’t be shy. You’ll only receive my light, I have nothing else to share but the light that I am.” she said.

Meanwhile, she had received a furious backlash from netizens, where they criticized her for her selfishness. Some even reported the Instagram post and Samantha was alerted by this.

She then responded in her Instagram Stories, saying “Keep reporting, I keep posting, post everywhere post in my private profile even. You think you can shut me up? Not anymore.”

Source: Instagram

Previously in June, she caught the attention of netizens after commenting that COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests are a lie.

In her Instagram Stories, she said “If there’s no PCR tests, there’s no cases. Hence, there’s no need for lockdowns. *ssholes f*cking with us.”

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Read the statement from Samantha here:

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