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“Can share your vaccination cert?” Anti-vaxxer curses her friend after being Rejected to share her Digital Cert

Social News"Can share your vaccination cert?" Anti-vaxxer curses her friend after being Rejected...

With almost half of us being vaccinated, the Malaysian government had introduced some SOP relaxation for the fully vaccinated individuals. With this, there will be a breathing space for businesses and the people who had been longing to walk out of their homes.

Nonetheless, this privilege while being introduced with good intentions, were being abused by selfish individuals who wish to obtain this ‘freedom’ by all means.

Last Saturday (21 August), a netizen took to Twitter to warn the public of such selfish and irresponsible individuals in a series of screenshot from a conversation. In the tweet, he captioned “Do not share your vaccination cert. There are a group of anti-vaxxers who wants to misuse it for their own purposes.”

The series of screenshots were between 2 acquaintances, where one was fully vaccinated and another one being an anti-vaxxer.

In the conversation, the anti-vaxxer started with conversation with asking whether her friend had been fully vaccinated.

She then requested to see her vaccination certificate, which the friend was skeptical about it.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Her friend then expressed that she is unwilling to share her digital cert as it is considered a private document with her personal details on it. She also explained that many had misused this the cert for various reasons too.

However, the anti-vaxxer insisted that her friend share and admitted that she wanted to use her friend’s digital cert to gain access to shops and dine-in at restaurants.

After the confession, her friend refused to show her digital cert and asked whether she registered herself for the vaccination, which the anti-vaxxer said that she had little faith in vaccines.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

“I don’t believe in vaccines at all.”

After the anti-vaxxer failed to persuade her friend to share her vaccination cert, the anti-vaxxer went mad and curses at her friend.

Meanwhile, some netizens said that the conversation was most likely fake and was a conversation made up by certain party. However, there are still lessons that we can learn from the conversation.

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