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Anti-vaxxer family allegedly dine-in at restaurants, claiming they are conducting “Social Experiment”

Social NewsAnti-vaxxer family allegedly dine-in at restaurants, claiming they are conducting "Social Experiment"

Last week, the Malaysian government had announced a series of SOP relaxation for individuals who are fully vaccinated and they include the privileges of being able to dine-in at restaurants or access to some basic services such as haircut.

Nonetheless, it is stressed that these privileges were given only those who were fully vaccinated and it is not to be abused as it could lead to another wave of Covid-19 arising in Malaysia.

Yesterday (23 August), a anti-vaxxer family came under the limelight of social media after they bragged about having haircuts and went on dine-in at restaurants. Shortly after they shared how they walk on the streets to get their haircut and food, there were a furious backlash from netizens criticizing them for abusing the SOP relaxation.

Source: Twitter

In the Facebook post, a member from the anti-vaxxer family claim that she did a “social experiment”, where she had entered several store, including 7-Eleven, Speedmart, Pizza Hut and none of them had requested to validate her vaccination certificate.

In addition, her husband went on getting his haircut but was denied entry by some shops and it was on the basis that he did not have the vaccination certificate. After a few attempts, he finally managed to find a shop that allows him to enter and get his hair cut.

In another separate story, she said that she and her family had went on cycling and decided to do the “social experiment” again. This time, they are curious whether they will be denied entry for dining-in at a restaurant.

They then acted normally and entered the restaurant as if they were fully vaccinated. She said that they managed to enjoy their breakfast in the restaurant and nobody there bothered about asking whether they are fully vaccinated.

She then boasted about being her experience and said “Who said the unvaccinated cannot dine-in? We are not fully vaccinated but we are safe after having dine-in at the restaurant.”

In the comment section of her post, there were a handful of netizens who share their experience in interstate travelling and some critized the government for being cold-hearted in imposing the restrictions on them.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, others took a screenshot of the post and shared it on social media to expose the family’s selfishness and demanded the authorities to take action against them. After the post went viral, she had deleted the post but it was already too late as the screenshot of the post had already been circulated on the Internet.

Here’s some of the comments from netizens:

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