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“Ride a Honda But Don’t Want to Pay the Toll” – This Driver Cleverly Traps the Car Behind Him

Road driver trying to pass toll without paying was given a lesson by other road driver.

Usually the fee is used to finance the construction and maintenance of the road. The amount of toll collected depends on the number of vehicles passing through the road.

Yet, it was different with a contagious video on Twitter recently when a driver acted smart while he was on one of the tolls stealing the spotlight.

Check out the full video below:

Honda car owners try to follow the car in front to avoid paying tolls

Through the video, a man shared footage taken from the dashcam of a driver who at the time wanted to pay a toll.

Soon a Honda car appeared with its speed behind the car. It is understood that the Honda owner did so because he did not want to pay the toll.

So, by closely following the car in front of him he thought he would get away with paying the toll.

However, what even stole the spotlight was that the driver of the car acted very wisely when after finishing paying the toll and the bar was open, he went straight ahead and stopped his car.

The situation made the Honda owner get stuck and retreat because he could not pass the bar because it was already closed.

Meanwhile, a survey in the comments section found that the average netizen was also satisfied to see the driver’s actions. In fact, many also expressed their opinions after watching the video.


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