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Ismail Sabri introduces “Keluarga Malaysia” concept in his first speech as the Prime Minister

NewsIsmail Sabri introduces "Keluarga Malaysia" concept in his first speech as the...

Yesterday (22 August), Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakoh had in his first speech as the Prime Minister, called upon the government and the Opposition Members of Parliament (MP) to work together in saving the nation from the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to make this happen, he had introduced the “Keluaga Malaysia” or “Malaysian Family” concept, where we should all be united regardless of religion and race.

In addition, he also offered the Opposition leaders an opportunity to work together to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic and help the country recover from the effects of the pandemic.

“I would like to urge all Members of Dewan Rakyat, whether within or outside of the Government, to work together to help our nation recover.”

Source: SCMP

“Let us open our minds and hearts to forget our differences by working together. We need to find a common ground and move towards building a consensus for the security and safety of our family, Malaysian Family.” he said.

Meanwhile, he explained that the concept of “Keluaga Malaysia” is to describe the inclusive nature, where it applies across religious, racial and ethnic boundaries.

“We do realise the existence of inter-marriage families with various races and religions such as in Sabah and Sarawak, and yet possess strong family bonds. Thus, the concept of Malaysian Family is akin to the strength of a nation bound together by such values.” he said.

During his speech, Ismail Sabri also repeated addressed Malaysians as “my beloved Malaysian family”, implying that all Malaysians are like his own family.

Source: The Malaysian Reserve

He also stressed that despite our diversity in religion, race and ethnicity, we are all part of a family that are complementing and needing each other as different parts of a single body.

Nonetheless, he also noted that there is only 21 months or less until GE15 and Malaysians had been frustrated with the political instability and the 2 changes in government with 2 different Prime Ministers since GE14.

“Indeed, such swift changes of government within a short period of time can only be construed as detrimental to the people and country.”

“Thus, let us move forward together. We must stamp out this grab for political power.” he said.

He then urge Malaysians as “one big family”, which comprises of civil servants, private sector employees and the self-employed, to work together to repair and heal the nation and help it recover.

Nonetheless, he admits that it is important for his government to ensure political stability by establishing cross-party cooperation.

“Therefore, I would like to offer the opportunity to the leadership of the Opposition to be part of the National Recovery Council and the Special Committee on Covid-19.” he said.

Lastly, he ended his speech by pledging to “work with the people”.

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Watch the speech from Ismail Sabri here:

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