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RELA Officer allegedly attacks vaccination attendees at Bukit Jalil PPV

Social NewsRELA Officer allegedly attacks vaccination attendees at Bukit Jalil PPV

Recently, a video showing the rough treatment of a foreign worker by a People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) personnel at the Bukit Jalil vaccination centre (PPV) has went viral on social media.

The video was shared by a Twitter user, @sassyRekha, where she captioned “It is so sad that foreigners are treated so badly at PPV Bukit Jalil.”

At the time of writing, the video had garnered over 610,000 views and netizens had in the comment section criticized the RELA officer for pushing the foreign workers backwards and intimated him as he tries to catch up to those ahead of him in the queue.

In addition, the netizen also shared a statement that is believed to be from someone else, claiming that they have witnessed the RELA officer literally kicking and punching a number of foreign workers who attended at the Bukit Jalil PPV for their vaccination.

They added that there were at least 3 police officers at the scene but none of them were taking any action.

The incident then led to their friend who was an international student to decided on not getting vaccinated, fearing that he will be treated the same.

The statement also said “These are foreigners who want to get vaccinated and are willing to wait for hours under the scorching hot sun just to receive their vaccination doses. The only walk-in PPV allocated for foreigners is the Bukit Jalil National Stadium PPV and due to this, the queue extends to several kilometres. The least they can do is treat them like humans.”

Meanwhile, another netizen also echoed the same, where she said “Yes I was there yesterday and I can confirm this. ‘You orang apa? Orang Bangla pergi sana’ (What’s your nationality? Bangladeshis go over there) was just tip of the iceberg. They were yelled at, berated, and disrespected.”

On the other hand, FMT had contacted the RELA director-general, Yahya Sulaiman regarding the incident, to which he said that he had no information and would look into the matter.

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