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Hikers stranded on steep cliff, calls for help but was mistaken as mountain goats

Being stranded on a steep cliff is bad enough. Imagine being in that situation and calling for help, only to have your voice mistaken to be some goats’ call.

That was the exactly the situation a young couple found themselves stuck on a steep 100-feet cliff edge in Snowdonia, one of Britain’s highest peaks.

According to a report by Metro UK, the couple was desperately shouting for help when a nearby walker heard them.

Unfortunately for them, he initially thought thought that the sound was made by bleating goats in the mountains.

Thankfully though, the man decided to double check if they were mountain goats by shouting back at them, to which the couple, both 20, replied.

The man realised that the couple was in desperate need of help, and he immediately contacted emergency services.

A spokesman for the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Team confirmed that they received a distress call from the man at around 7pm.

“He (the walker) had shouted back so as to confirm that the shouts were human and not, as frequently reported, bleats from goats.

“The team leader contacted the informant, but he was in an area of very poor telephone reception,” he was quoted as saying.

A team of five rescuers was dispatched to the scene, but after realising just how difficult the rescue was, they had to call for back up.

All in all, a full-scale rescue operation involving 18 rescuers was conducted.

It took six hours for the rescuers to finish the operation, which ended with the couple being fitted into a harness and lowered to safety.

Well, we reckon that this is one hike the couple will never forget.


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