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Woman who exposes Kedah MB’s Drive Test now demands RM3 million in Damages

Social NewsWoman who exposes Kedah MB’s Drive Test now demands RM3 million in...

In June, a woman, who was called Hanini Siron or Nini Siron whistle blew the Kedah Menteri Besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor for allegedly going on a test drive at a vehicle sales centre in Juru, Penang. At that point in time, the Movement Control Order (MCO) had been imposed across the nation and obviously, Sanusi is not supposed to have done it.

After exposing Sanusi for his violation of the SOPs, Nini was then cyberbullied by the various parties out there, including supporters of the Menteri Besar, religious teachers, individuals with political ties and others.

Fast-forwarding to now, Nini had stood up against the cyberbully she suffered and is seeking to take legal action against 3 parties over the claims of harassment, breach of privacy, and cyberbullying.

The 3 parties who accused her of having political intentions and threatened her included HarakahDaily (a publication by PAS), Sanusi’s political secretary Afnan Hamimi Taib Azamudden, and Mohamad Solhi Mohd Sharif.

Source: FMT

According to Kosmo, Nini’s lawyer Faizal Rahman said that they have sent the letters of demand to the 3 parties on 13 August but has yet to receive any response.

Previously, Nini and her family experienced insults and harassments by Sanusi’s supporters, which cause her to suffer not only mentally, but financially as she lost her source of income that could run into thousands.

Those attacks from Sanusi’s supporters include circulation of personal details of her family, including the circulation of her husband’s, her son’s and her sister’s photos.

In addition, she also receive hate messages and threats on her Facebook personal account and her husband’s business page too. Following which, she was forced to closed their Facebook business page, which resulted her in losing their source of income.

Source: The Vibes

The situation was made worse as it was during the MCO and they were not able to meet their customers physically.

After experiencing all those, Nini now wants them to apologise publicly and to pay her RM1 million each in damages for humiliation, disrepute, and emotional distress among others.

The demand also includes acts of cyberbullying and invasion of personal data and privacy that she suffered due to the three parties’ actions.

In addition to the offensive comments from HarakahDaily and Sanusi’s aide, Faizal said that the other individuals are also required to stop making further statements about Nini and to delete all their offensive comments from social media platforms.

Despite that, there has been no response from any of the parties.

“Perhaps the postal service delayed the letter due to pandemic factors. Nevertheless, we have also advised our client to issue a press release over the matter.” Faizal said, as cited by the Vibes.

On Wednesday (18 August), Nini had on her personal account called out to the parties involved to issue a public apology on social media. She added that their their defamatory statements have caused her to be bombarded with negative comments, harsh criticism, hatred, sexual harassment, and threats from strangers.

Failing which, she will not hesitate to pursue further legal action to improve and protect the interests and reputation of her and her family, her Facebook post read.

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Read the statement from Nini here:


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