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Dato allegedly demanded Employees under Home Quarantine to be present at Office for Work

Social NewsDato allegedly demanded Employees under Home Quarantine to be present at Office...

This is not an acceptable practice and it violates the SOPs imposed by the Malaysian government!

Yesterday (19 August), a Facebook group called Boom Go Employee had shared a WhatsApp conversation which shows that a factory operator demanding their employees to be present at work despite still under home quarantine.

In the caption, the admin explains that the content was shared by an anonymous netizen and the factory was being ordered to shut operations temporarily for a week as many of their employees were tested positive for Covid-19.

They also explained that the company has 200 employees, out of which, 126 were tested positive and the other 70 were ordered to undergo home quarantine. Those who were undergoing home quarantine were given pink wristbands too.

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, the remaining 4 have passed away not long after test positive.

On the other hand, the WhatsApp conversation believed to be taken place in a group chat showed the announcement from the HR manager, saying that their boss has decided that the 70 employee under home quarantine to be back at office to continue work.

Source: The Edge

In addition, the HR manager requested the employees to wear long-sleeved shirts to cover their quarantine wristbands. This comes after the consideration that the employees will go out of the premise to buy their lunch.

After the announcement, the HR manager allegedly intimidated the employees with termination if they were found out to have lodge reports about the employee’s orders.

In addition, the admin also said that those who refuse to show up to work will be assumed to have resign from their position.

They also share that the incident happened somewhere in mid-July and the employee who whistle blew about this incident has already resigned from the company after he secured a new job.

If you know of any companies that are imposing rules that goes against the SOPs, do not hesitate to report them to the authorities!

Covid-19 is a serious issue and all parties should do their part to help curb the Covid-19 spread.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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