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PAS leader congratulates the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan

Social NewsPAS leader congratulates the Taliban for taking over Afghanistan

Yesterday (18 August), a PAS assembly man had congratulated the Taliban, an Islamist military movement, for taking over the government of Afghanistan.

The Batu Buruk assemblyman Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi, who is also in the PAS International Affairs and External Relations Committee took to Twitter to congratulate all Afghans for the efforts to liberate their homeland and gain “independence”.

“With this victory, it is hoped that all stakeholders will work together and reach an agreement to make peace and work to redevelop and put Afghanistan back on track.”

Source: Harakah Daily

“May the new government of Afghanistan and its people work together to develop Afghanistan and achieve prosperity, peace and progress after this based on the Shariah and comprehensive Islamic values as well as receive the blessings, blessings and help of Allah SWT.” he said in a statement today.

Nonetheless, his tweet was taken down by Twitter 2 hours after posted, but his statement is still available on Harakah Daily (a publication by PAS).

Meanwhile, his statement had earned him a furious backlash from netizens who disagreed with his opinion. A netizen said “Is PAS supporting the Taliban? Can you guys get your head right? Why don’t you just concentrate on domestic matters.”

He also pointed out that Muslims themselves are running away from Taliban Muslims in Afghanistan and how is that right?

Another netizen told Khalil to move to Afghanistan instead, and that Malaysians do not want PAS here.

Having said that, Reuters reported that many Afghans had desperately flee the country for fearing that they will return to the past harsh Islamic practice. However, the Taliban do earn a substantial support from the people there as well.

During the Taliban’s rule from 1996 to 2001, the controversial rules were imposed were that women could not work and punishments such as public stoning, whipping and hanging were administered.

However, this time, the Taliban has sought to project a more moderate face, promising to respect women’s rights and protect both foreigners and Afghans.

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