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OnlyFans creates a new App with no Nudity and no Paywall

Tech & GamesOnlyFans creates a new App with no Nudity and no Paywall

OnlyFans had made its name for NSFW or adult contests in the past. With it’s reputation, OnlyFans finds itself in trouble if they were to launch an app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

To work around that, OnlyFans had announced that they will be releasing an app with no nudity and is safe-for-work (SFW) for the public.

The new app created by OnlyFans is called OFTV and they offers videos featuring many of OnlyFans biggest stars.

According to Bloomberg, the app was originally made available to OnlyFans creators and subscribers but they are now promoting it to a wider audience. They even boasts about their library of more than 800 videos from more than 100 creators such as Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne and Holly Madison.

The app also offers original videos from pilates instructors, chefs and podcasters. The app is available on all the major devices, including iOS, Roku and Amazon Fire.

“OFTV provides a super convenient way for fans to watch content from favorite creators.” the CEO of Only Fans, Tim Stokely said.

Stokely also stressed that there will be no adult content on OFTV and it is not being monetized. Despite that, he said that there is no direct impact to the creators’ earnings.

Meanwhile, Stokely added that this new app is part of OnlyFan’s strategy to shed its reputation as a purveyor of pornography and rebrand itself as a vital tool for all online creators.

According to The Verge, there is also a flagship series on the app called “Unlocked”, where the features exclusive interviews with OnlyFans creators such as former pornographic actress Mia Khalifa, and actress and director Bella Thorne.

The new app also offers other contents such as lessons in dancing, cookery, meditation and surfing, as well as various vlogs and video recordings of podcasts.

Although the OnlyFans brand still holds the reputation for adult content, it undoubtedly has a huge presence on the Internet. Last December, it had reported to have over 1 million creators, over 85 million users and is generating around $2 billion (≈RM8.5 billion) in annual sales, where Only Fans takes only 20% of the sales as their income, netting it to $400 million (≈RM1.7 billion).

It is also reported that OnlyFans is currently working to attract investors to make more money in the SFW scene, where they are aiming to create a kind of YouTube-Cameo hybrid, a place for celebrities and athletes to connect with fans.

Nonetheless, Stokely is confident at OFTV is able to become more mainstream, but it is unclear if OnlyFans will be able to make a difference to its reputation.

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