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Afghan Refugees are fleeing Taliban in Desperation, sought to climb on Airplanes

Social NewsAfghan Refugees are fleeing Taliban in Desperation, sought to climb on Airplanes

Recently, the Taliban has announced that they have taken over the Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan and will be taking over the Afghanistan government.

The Taliban, who was originally toppled by the United States (US) forces during an intervention 20 years ago, took the opportunity to take over the Afghanistan government after the US’s announcement to withdraw from Afghanistan earlier.

While the Taliban takes over the country, many Afghans had attempted to flee the country and had gathered at the Kabul airport. Several videos showed that the citizens had been pushing and climbing to get into airplanes went viral on the Internet.

This shows how dire the situation in Afghan is as well as how desperate the citizens are.

Source: AP News

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Taliban militants had blocked all exits in the capital, leaving the airport as the local’s last escape route.

In a tragic incident, there were videos that caught people falling from planes after they had attempted to board the airplane by tying themselves to an airplane wheel.

On the other hand, in a photo that went circulated on the Internet showed the desperate Afghan refugees cramped in an aircraft.

Source: Defense one

According to Defense One, there were a total of 640 refugees in the U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III (a military cargo plane). It was also reported that they initially do not intend to take that many refugees as it was originally for their 134 soldiers.

However, the panicked refugees managed to pull themselves into the plane through the half-open ramp.

Instead of trying to force those refugees off the plane, the defence official decided to go and will disembark the Afghanistan refugees when they arrive at its destination.

This is only one of the many planes that carried large numbers of passengers and it is believed that some carried more than 640 people.

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