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Popcat is trending in Malaysia and why is it?

Social NewsPopcat is trending in Malaysia and why is it?

You may have seen posts about popcat on social media recently, and it appears that Malaysians had been going crazy about it. The questions then pops out in your mind, what exactly is popcat?

Popcat.click is a simply, yet competitive web based clicker game, and the most clicks will get on the leaderboard, which is separated by countries. Having that said, this is a game that requires collective effort from the netizens from the country.

At the time of writing, the cumulative clicks on the website stood at 58 billion, with Taiwan leading with 15 billion clicks, and Malaysia just right behind with 9.6 billion clicks.

It wasn’t sure whether the game is trending across the globe, but it definitely is in Malaysia, as netizens creates parallels between the competitive patriotism of the Olympics with this game.

Source: Popcat

How do you play Popcat?

To contribute to the scoreboard, all you need to do is go to the website and start clicking.

The website works on all devices with a web browser, including computers and smartphones.

Apparently, if you are playing with your smartphone, you may only earn a point by tapping on the screen. However, things are different if you are playing it on your computer. Any click on your mouse or taps on the keyboard will be counted as a point. Hence, spamming keys on the keyboard seems to be a better option to rack up points.

On the other hand, the website does not prevent the use of auto-clickers and using one might be fair as your opponents might be using them too!

It may be easy to ramp up points using an auto-clicker, however, it may take a toll on your computer as the website processes all those clicks and to produce the popping sound effect.

Nonetheless, Malaysians may need to resort to this this tactic if we were to overtake Taiwan to sit on the throne.

Popcat’s history

The web based clicker game is developed by some computer scientists from the University of Sheffield: Joshua Rainbow, Edward Halls, and Freddy Heppell.

They started the project back in December 2020 and it went viral in April 2021 before they get another resurgence this week, gathering millions of visits on the page. Meanwhile, the image of the popping cat is from a Twitter user, who share a video of his cat, chirping at a bug.

Despite not scoring any gold medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Malaysians can team up to rack up points in the game and aim for the throne!

Check out the video about the cat from the netizen:

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