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Netizens are amazed by this Mini Durian for it’s Cute appearance!

Social NewsNetizens are amazed by this Mini Durian for it's Cute appearance!

It’s the durian season and Malaysians are going all out to satisfy their craving for durian.

Having that said, we often go for the largest durians at the store as we perceived that the large ones are filled with the most flesh.

However, a netizen on Twitter had broke the perception by introducing Malaysians the hand-size mini durian!

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Surprisingly, netizens were amazed by the mini durian and the cuteness it packs too.

On the other hand, some netizens were suspicious of those photos and claimed that it was a key-chain.

There were some who claimed that it was actually a rambutan, pretending to be a durian!

To be honest, the size of the mini durian does resemble a rambutan.

Despite being hand-sized, the durian has a 1-pack flesh in it! The netizen did not mention if it taste as great as other durians thou.

What do you think about this mini durian? Share your thoughts!

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