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All-you-need-to-know Highlights from PM Muhyiddin’s Special Announcement (13 August)

NewsAll-you-need-to-know Highlights from PM Muhyiddin's Special Announcement (13 August)

Yesterday (13 August), the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had in a special announcement, shared the current developments in the country’s political climate.

Meanwhile, he reassured Malaysians that he will uphold his responsibility and not let the “kleptocrats” rule the country. He added that if the political crisis is not resolved soon, the government will not be able to function during the Covid-19, nor able to pull Malaysians out of the pandemic.

Having that said, Muhyiddin in the special announcement called for a bipartisan support from the Oppositions to ensure the continuance of the PN government.

“I have consulted with my colleagues in the cabinet and the leaders of parties in the Perikatan Nasional government to make the best decision for the sake of the people and the country. Not for my personal interest or the interest of my friends.” he shared.

Source: MalaysiaKini

PM Muhyiddin’s proposals for the bipartisan support:

1. Allocations to all MPs to help those in need

Muhyiddin had announced that a sum of RM300,000 will be distributed to each Members of Parliament (MP) and the Senate, regardless of what political party they are from. This allocation is for the MPs to purchase food baskets to be distributed to those in nedd.

Muhyiddin added that all MPs will receive an annual allocation that the total will be the same, regardless of political parties. As for the opposition MPs, the provision will be made on a pro-rated basis according to the number of months remaining.

2. Whole of Government

The Perikatan Nasional (PN) government has offered to work together with all parties, including the Opposition to form a whole-of-government and to focus on the current issues in the country.

Muhyiddin added that the Finance Minister, Tengku Zafrul had been working with various parties, including the opposition party leaders to obtain their inputs and suggestions to improve the National Recovery Plan.

He said that the Finance Minister has gone through the suggestions and has agree to incorporate those suggestions.

3. Anti-Party Hopping Bill

Muhyiddin said that if the PN government managed to get the bipartisan support from the MPs and the Senate and it represents two-thirds of the majority, the PN government will table a Constitutional Amendment Bill to limit the Prime Minister’s term to only 2 terms and to introduce the Anti-Party Hopping Bill, in Parliament.

4. A Parliamentary Select Committee formed with both government and opposition members

To ensure that a better check and balance on the policies, Muhyiddin have called for the Parliamentary Select Committee to be increased to ensure all MPs play a role in it. Nonetheless, he said that those MPs involved will be provided reasonable staff support and remuneration for their workload.

5. Implementation of UNDI18

Muhyiddin had proposed to implement the UNDI18, which they will lower the voting age to 18 year-old. In addition, the PN government will be throwing out the implementation of automatic registration as it tends to take time.

“A Constitutional Amendment Bill will be tabled in Parliament for this purpose. I hope, in the presence of bi-partisan cooperation in Parliament, this bill will be approved.” he added.

6. Proper support for bills

“Bills, including the supply bill, will be tabled in Parliament to be consulted in advance with all MPs. A bill will only be tabled if it has the support of a majority of MPs.” he said.

7. Support for opposition representatives

“In recognition of the role of the opposition party, that has an almost balanced number of representatives in Dewan Rakyat, the Leader of the Opposition will be given remunerations and facilities which is equivalent to a Senior Minister.” he added.

Meanwhile, he also called for the 15th General Election to be held latest by July 2022, if the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia stabilises.

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