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M’sians says NO to school reopening and are pushing the MOE to Delay their Plans

Source: Techarp & Change.org

Last month, the Ministry of Education (MOE) had announced that the Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR) will end 31 August and schools across the nation were set to resume face-to-face teaching on 1 September.

However, there are growing calls from Malaysians to delay the school reopening on 1 September as the nation continue to record new highs in the daily Covid-19 cases.

Following which, a netizen created a petition, calling for the MOE to postpone the face-to-face learning and to continue with PdPR until it is safe to resume school.

Despite the petition being created almost a week ago, it is gradually gaining the attention of netizens and it had garnered over 65,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Source: Change.org

According to the netizen who created the petition, he highlighted Malaysian is currently at its peak on the graph and the situation does not seem to be returning normal soon.

Meanwhile, netizens in the comment section said that the MOE’s decision was too hasty and there were a lot of other factors to consider too.

“It is still not safe for children to start school in September. The number of cases is high and increasing every day, and there is a dangerous new variant of the virus. We are fighting an enemy that is invisible to the naked eye.” a netizen commented.

In addition, there were some who called for the government to vaccinate the children before they resume face-to-face learning but the government has flip-flopped over the vaccinations for children aged between 12 to 17.

Meanwhile, it is important to note that being fully vaccinated gives you protection against severe complications such as hospitalizations and/or death, but it does not mean that one will be immune to the Covid-19 virus.

Having that said, there is still a possibility for fully vaccinated individuals to transmit the virus to other people, and if there is an outbreak in a school, the victim will most probably be those unvaccinated students.

Source: Malay Mail

There were some netizens who pointed out that the government should provide fast and cheap internet access to the B40 families, and make the special internet packages available to teachers too, in order to boost the online learning programme.

As of yesterday (12 August), Malaysia recorded its highest number of daily Covid-19 cases at 21,886.

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