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Here’s how you can become a 2024 Paris Olympics Volunteer!

Social NewsHere's how you can become a 2024 Paris Olympics Volunteer!

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has officially ended on last Sunday (8 August) and the next Olympics is set to be in Paris!

If you are looking forward to the Paris 2024 Olympics, here’s some good news for you.

The Paris 2024 Olympics organiser is currently looking for volunteers worldwide, and yes, Malaysians are eligible to apply.

In the website, the organiser said that they are looking for up to 50,000 volunteers for the next Olympics. With this number, you may want to go with your friends and make the trip a memorable one!

Having that said, the organiser did listed a set of criterias they are looking for from the volunteers but these criterias are simple and straightforward, and it should be easy-peasy for Malaysians!

Source: Instagram

Volunteers are required to be 18 year-old and above and must speak at least 2 languages, which will not be a problem for Malaysians, right?

If you met the criteria given by the organiser, you’ll be assigned a variety of duties, depending on your skills and what is needed at the point in time. Nonetheless, the duties include accreditation, handling arrivals and departures in train stations and airports, at the official ceremonies, directing spectator flows, providing language assistance, helping to organise tournaments and a lot more.

In addition, the perks of being a volunteer is that they will be given their time to the event, including going for the trials that will take place before the competition.

“All Summer and Winter Games attract a great many applications from people who want to enjoy the Olympic and Paralympic adventure from the inside.”

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience: an opportunity to connect with hundreds of people from countries around the world, meet people you won’t meet anywhere else, and share the excitement surrounding the world’s largest sports event.” they said in the website.

Who knows, you might be able to bump into your favourite athletes!

However, the online portal will only be set up in early 2023 and the registrations will open then.

There’s no need to rush for it too, as there may be certain requirements needed similar to this year’s Olympics and it will depend on the Covid-19 situation worldwide too.

Having Tokyo 2020 Olympics as example, the organiser had set a prerequisite whereby volunteers need to ensure that their country of residence did not have an entry ban and that they had gone through the required quarantine measures.

It’s still early to decide on things too, but we’ll definitely give you guys a reminder when the registration opens up. Meanwhile, you could plan it out with your friends and family and block your calendar too!

To know more about this volunteering programme, click here!

Are you excited to be a volunteer for the Olympics? Share your thoughts!

Check out their announcement here!

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