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Anti-Vaxxer demands a Fake Vaccination Certificate from PPV Volunteer, replies “Fxxk” after being rejected

Social NewsAnti-Vaxxer demands a Fake Vaccination Certificate from PPV Volunteer, replies "Fxxk" after...

“Vaccines are part of the Jewish’s agenda!”

The Malaysian Government is pushing hard to get the citizens vaccinated to achieve herd immunity and to end the Covid-19 pandemic in Malaysia. To encourage the Malaysians to be vaccinated, the government had introduced ease of restrictions for those who are fully vaccinated.

However, there are some anti-vaxxers out there who are trying to enjoy the perks but are reluctant to be vaccinated.

Recently, a volunteer at a vaccination centre (PPV) in Kelantan shared her experience in dealing with one of those anti-vaxxers.

The volunteer, Alink, was approached by a anti-vaxxer on WhatsApp and he asked “Can you update my MySejahtera display as if I have gotten my vaccine even though I did not?”

Alink noticed something was wrong and he replied “Sorry, I can’t help you. I became a volunteer to help people get vaccinated not those who do not want to. I’m working to help my country not to cause problems to it later on. I’m sorry but I must block you.”

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

The person got mad and replied “Fxxk you!”

After the incident, Alink took her thoughts and emotions to Facebook and captioned “It really is different from anything else. I’ve never received any weird requests like this during the whole time I was working at the PPV.”

“Even if you were to offer me two million for the request, I will still not do it. It is as if you do not respect the work that we do and that the request was something simple.”

She also added that the person is being selfish and does not care about anyone else around him.

“You’re not thinking of the future? If you were to infected with Covid-19 and die from it, and if they check that apparently you have been vaccinated fully? This would cause panic amongst people who have been fully vaccinated.” she said.

Source: FMT

In addition, the person will be allowed to enter restaurants, travel interdistricts and interstates. This will make the person a potential super spreader of the virus, just because of the fake vaccination certificate.

Meanwhile, she pointed out that we should respect everyone under all situation too, referring to the harsh words the person threw at her.

“I’m sharing this story not to embarrass you (as I did not reveal your name), but this story should serve as a reminder towards other anti-vaxxers. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, keep quiet. Don’t bother us with weird requests. Take on your responsibility towards the country and for each other.” she added.

In the comment section, netizens pledged their support to Alink and requested her to lodge a police report regarding the incident. On the other hand, a netizen, who was also a PPV volunteer had share his story of an anti-vaxxer trying to bribe him to not get vaccinated.

The anti-vaxxer offered him RM50 to fake his status on the MySejahtera but the volunteer rejected him and gave him the jab.

As a reminder to all, let’s focus on getting yourself and your loved ones vaccinated.

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