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7-Eleven Malaysia commits to environmental friendly by coming up with reusable tote bags made from plastic waste

In an effort to the contribution towards environment friendly, 7-Eleven Malaysia recently launched an eco-friendly project to turn post-consumer plastic bottle trash into eye-catching tote bags.

The brand’s new and unique reusable bag line is committed to sustainability, encouraging Malaysians to absorb environmentally responsible shopping practices into their daily routines.

This is to to address the dilemma of what to do with all the plastic garbage, the largest 24-hour convenience store operator nationwide has come up with two types of reusable bags: The Out of the Ocean Bag and the Recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Bottle Bag.

The Out of the Ocean Bag is made entirely of recycled ocean plastics, and each bag eliminates the equivalent of two to three bottles from the oceans and rivers. 

This roomy bag may appear delicate, yet it can support up to 15 kilogrammes.

The Recycled PET Bottle Bag is made up of recycled PET bottles with a capacity of carrying 10 kilogrammes which allows people to shop while saving the equivalent of up to three plastic bottles from the environment.

7-Eleven Malaysia’s general manager of marketing Ronan Lee said that usage of plastic was environmentally harmful to the world.  

He added that it was 7-Eleven management’s attempt to make a difference in the community by introducing the Trash to Treasure reusable bag campaign.

“Plastic trash is ecologically damaging to the planet that we live on and we want to make a change through our Trash To Treasure reusable bag campaign that aims to drive momentum in influencing our customers’ behaviour to bring their reusable bags when shopping in our stores as well as provide financial contribution to our chosen change agent NPO partners as every little step matters,” he said in a statement. 

He added that biodegradable plastic bags were also available at 7-Eleven stores to inspire the customers to prioritise the environment while purchasing items.

“We are now employing biodegradable plastic bags in our stores.

“We believe that our sustainability activities will inspire our customers to purchase with the environment in mind, preventing additional plastic trash from entering the ecosystem,” he said. 

The Recycled PET Bottle Bag costs RM7.90, while the Out of the Ocean Bag is RM13.90.

The reusable bags which include educational fun facts, are only available at selected 7-Eleven stores in Peninsular Malaysia.  

The company is encouraging people to support the TrashToTreasure Reusable Bag campaign that runs from now until September 16. 

With every purchase of the reusable bags RM1 will be donated to 7-Eleven’s environmental non-governmental organisation (NGO) partners, Reef Check Malaysia and Juara Turtle Project.

Reef Check Malaysia general manager Julian Hyde said ocean plastic pollution was a universal issue to be addressed in order to save the earth and nature.

“Trash leaking into our ocean is a serious and universal issue. Our teams based on the islands and the island communities see it first-hand — trash washing up to the shores, plastic bags being caught on coral reefs, ghost nets trapping marine animals,” he said.

Juara Turtle Project (JTP) general manager Tom Woodford said it was appreciative of 7-Eleven’s initiatives adding that other large corporations should also join hands in this effort to make it more efficient. 

“We hope that this campaign will inspire people to change their behaviour and to make their own little contribution to protecting our ocean,” he added. 

In this effort, customers can do another good deed for their community by donating to 7-Eleven Malaysia’s Kotak Putih programme.

For more information on the latest #TrashToTreasure Reusable Bag Campaign, visit www.7eleven.com.my or its official social media pages at 7ElevenMalaysia.


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