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“14 Days of Quarantine is not Enough!” Netizen urge to conduct PCR test at the end of the Quarantine

Social News"14 Days of Quarantine is not Enough!" Netizen urge to conduct PCR...

Our current guidelines from the Ministry of Health (KKM) requires us to be quarantined for at least 14 days if one is tested positive for Covid-19.

This comes after the general assumption that if someone is being infected by Covid-19, they will no longer be contagious after 2 weeks. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Recently, a netizen took it to Facebook to urge all Covid-19 patients to conduct the PCR test again at the end of their quarantine period. She learnt this the hard way and had risked spreading the virus to everybody near her.

The incident started when she was being tested positive for Covid-19 on 24 July and had to undergo quarantine following the instructions from KKM. She had then undergone a 15-day quarantine to 8 August and she thought she is finally free to walk around again.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, she is required to undergo another PCR test due to work purposes and she was surprised after she got the results of her test. The doctor who was handling her the report told her that the readings were not satisfactory and she may be contagious.

Hence, the doctor advised her to undergo an extended quarantine, which she did not share the details of how long the quarantine period was.

Having that said, she then related her situation to the current situation in Malaysia. She said that the 14-day quarantine period imposed by the government is not sufficient, and this could be the reason for the Covid-19 virus to be spreading among the community.

She said that those Covid-19 patient who did not undergo the PCR test again after their quarantine period may be walking on the streets as they are unaware that they could be spreading the virus to the people around them.

This then caused the daily Covid-19 cases to remain high as there is no proper guidelines to manage this situation.

According to Forbes, a vast majority of people are unlikely to be infectious after more than two weeks. However, people who developed severe symptoms, the period could extend to 21 days.

Having that said, Covid-19 patients are advised to stay vigilant even though they have undergone a 14-day quarantine. In addition, you should undergo another Covid-19 test to ensure that you are not contagious or have the ability to spread the virus to the community.

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