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M’sians are Setting up Cones and Markings at Grand Season’s Hotel to ensure Compliance with SOP

Social NewsM'sians are Setting up Cones and Markings at Grand Season's Hotel to...

Yesterday (11 August), a video of a massive crowd at the Grand Season’s Hotel, Kuala Lumpur went viral on social media after the netizen claimed that those queuing up for the vaccine failed to maintain physical distancing.

Nonetheless, the Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan, which runs the Rumah Prihatin @ Grand Seasons had responded to the viral video and explain that there had been a misunderstanding among the public whereby the Rumah Prihatin only provides walk-in vaccination for non-citizens, while the walk-in vaccination for foreigners is at Bukit Jalil vaccination centre (PPV).

As a result, they had not anticipated this ‘crowd rush’ and had not deployed enough personnel to maintain the order at the scene.

However, after Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan made the statement, a local online tuition platform, MCplus decide to take matters into their hands to prevent the situation from happening again.

On the same day, the platform decide to share a video on Instagram to show what their team has done to ensure SOP compliance. The team was led by the founder of MCplus, Mr Shakib and they had set up cones and markings on the ground late at night to ensure proper physical distancing and the traffic regulated.

MCplus had shared a series of photos on Instagram Stories and they said that they were inspired by their founder, Mr Shakib who believes that “If we do something, we do it full-heartedly.”

“That is why we were disappointed upon seeing that the SOPs were not prioritised in this situation.”

Source: Instagram

Following which, MCplus also shared how the team obtained the essential items online and contacting the sellers.

“All of the items are ready. In a while, the founder as well as the team will go to the PPV to set up cones and tape to ensure that there are SOPs over there. We have also bought masks, gloves and PPEs just in case.”

“We are also bringing hope from fellow Plusians.” they said.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Meanwhile, netizens had flooded the comment section with praises and positive words for their initiative and effort to ensure SOP compliance. The video had garnered over 1 million views at the time of writing too.

A few netizens, who were students of MCplus had expressed that they feel proud to be a ‘plusian’. A netizen commented “MCplus don’t just help students but also the whole of Malaysia. Thank you.”, while another said “I’ve never met anyone that has is as kind-hearted as you guys. Keep it up MCplus.”

As a Malaysian, do you find this story inspiring and being proud of being a Malaysian? Despite our differences, we would still unite when we are facing something unprecedented.

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