Thursday, December 8, 2022

“Cases are not Going Down!” Msian pleaded the Govt to do something after Massive Crowd spotted at Grand Season’s Hotel

Social News"Cases are not Going Down!" Msian pleaded the Govt to do something...

“Why are those given the power to enforce the law are not using their power correctly? From the Ministers to police officers, none of them are using the power given to them wisely.”

“When will you realise? People are dying. Someone’s father, someone’s mother, someone’s child! Use your powers rightfully!”

Yesterday (11 August), another massive crowd was spotted gathering at Grand Season’s Hotel, Kuala Lumpur for the walk-in vaccination.

The video was shared by a netizen on Instagram and it went viral and even caught the attention of the Muar MP, Syed Saddiq and former Prime Minister, Najib Razak.

Source: Instagram

In the 7-minute video, the netizen recorded the streets along the way to Grand Season’s Hotel and it is clear that the crowd queueing at the PPV failed to maintain proper physical distancing among themselves. Some of them were so close to each other that they could have hugged each other too.

The netizen in her post explained that she was on her way to Kampung Baru with her husband, where they happen to found the huge crowd queueing at the entrance of the Grand Season’s Hotel.

Her husband had attempted to enforce social distancing in the crowd but they were not able to do much. Her husband then expressed his anger on the screens and demanded those in power to do something about the situation.

Meanwhile, the police on duty raised their sirens and called out to the couple, requesting them to leave the scene.

Source: Instagram

Later in the video, the netizen’s husband expressed his disappointment in the authorities and explained the situation at the PPV.

He then claimed that the authorities are not using their power to handle the situation effective. Her husband also broke down in tears while emphasizing how many people had died because of Covid-19.

“People are dying! Someone’s father, someone’s mother, someone’s child! Everyone is dying! Use your powers rightfully!”

After 40 minutes, the couple then passed by the same place again and they found that the situation at the place has not improve much. Those queueing up have still failed to maintain physical distancing, even though a number of policemen and police patrol cars were at the present.

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Watch the full video here:

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