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Bubble Gum Wax slammed for Body Shaming Men who have Chest Hair in an IG Post

Social NewsBubble Gum Wax slammed for Body Shaming Men who have Chest Hair...

Body shaming is nothing new and both men and women had been a victim of this immoral act.

Recently, Bubble Gum Wax found themselves in hot water after they shared a few photos on their social media which states that men with chest hair are not attractive to women.

The post was made on Sunday (8 August), where they compared photos of a man with and without chest hair. The original caption they wrote was “If a woman said this to you, she’s probably just being nice. Cause no, you’re not rocking the chest hair, unless you’re Wolverine. What you need is a wax! Reveal your sexy pecs and abs at only RM59.”

Source: Facebook

The post went viral immediately and netizens criticized the business for resorting to body shame men to promote their business.

Another netizen said “This is straight-up disrespectful and body shaming. Delete this promptly.”

Source: Instagram

After the furious backlashes from netizens, Bubble Gum Wax then decided to clarify the matter in the comment section and they have since then changed the caption of the post.

The new caption now says “Says no women ever! Okay, maybe some women would say it. It’s always a personal preference but if you want to show off your hairless chests then you know where to find us. Just leave a comment below or send us a DM.”

Meanwhile, Bubble Gum Wax also apologised to netizens for their insensitive caption. They added that they were this late to response to the netizens as their admin was out for their vaccination appointment, and it’s their off day too. They stressed that it was not their intention to body shame anyone too.

Source: Instagram

“It’s just simply a bad joke on our side. We apologise to all men and women who were hurt/affected by the joke. Thank you for your honest feedback to help us improve in the future. We appreciate your concern in helping us. We hope you like our new caption and until then, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay beautiful. Pray for Malaysia.” they said.

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