Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Man in Sandakan allegedly fainted after receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Jab

Social NewsMan in Sandakan allegedly fainted after receiving Covid-19 Vaccine Jab

Recently, two men in Sandakan, Sabah had fainted at the waiting area in the vaccination centre (PPV) after receiving their Covid-19 vaccine jabs.

The photos of both the men quickly went viral on social media, where some claimed that one of them had died at the spot after being administered the shot.

Nonetheless, the Sabah Health Department (JKNS) Director, Dr Rose Nani Mudin refuted the claims that the reaction was because of the Covid-19 vaccine administered to them and explained that the claims made on the Internet, including the allegation of their death is fake.

“The two men passed out for a few minutes not long after their respective jabs due to hunger.” she said, reported by Astro Awani.

She added that their investigations found that both the men passed out due to hunger. She added that one of the men had not eaten since the night before, while the other last ate on the morning of his appointment.

She also said that both of them were being monitored and given health check ups after they regained conscious before they are allowed to go home.

Meanwhile, Dr Rose Nani said that they are still unclear as to why they did not have any food and water before they were given the jab. She added that this is not advisable too.

She also advised vaccine recipients to eat and drink before they attend for their vaccination appointment, as they could have to wait for some time before they were being administered the shot. The process may take up to an hour or more, depending on the crowd.

Both the men were allowed to return home afterwards and their medical examination shows that they were healthy too, apart from having an empty stomach.

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