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#DineInCanWait, Restaurant Owners in Kelantan refuse to allow dine-in and risk becoming a Covid-19 Cluster

Social News#DineInCanWait, Restaurant Owners in Kelantan refuse to allow dine-in and risk becoming...

Despite the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s announcement to ease the restrictions for the fully vaccinated individuals in states under Phase 2 of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), restaurant owners are still not confident about the situation out there and are reluctant to allow dine-ins.

According to a study conducted by Bernama, many eateries and restaurant owners, including cafes, commented that they have opted to disallow dine-ins as they are not willing to take the risk of becoming another Covid-19 cluster.

In an interview with Lieniey Nasi Kerabu Tumis owner, Zaini Ahmad, he said he had made the decision to now allow dine-ins, even though the customer may have been fully vaccinated. This is due to the daily Covid-19 cases in the state remained high and unsettling.

“Although permission has been given to eat at restaurants, I opt to put it off first because I feel the current situation is still not suitable yet for the relaxation.”

Source: FMT

“My workers have not received the Covid-19 vaccine injections. This makes me reluctant to take the risk as this might spread the virus outbreak at my premises.” he said.

In another interview with Kafe Drum & Desk manager, Chew Li Mun, she said the cafe is planned to allow dine-in starting next month. She added that her business had went down by over 50% when dine-ins were not allowed but her safety was the top priority.

“It is okay to suffer a bit of loss because safety and good health must be prioritised. Currently, sale depends a lot on walk-ins as well as orders via a food delivery application.”

Source: Rojak Daily

“I plan to allow dine-in from September after my 12 workers completed their two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.” she said.

Nonetheless, Bernama noted that the hashtag “#dineincanwait” had become the trend among café owners in Kota Bharu, where they placed the hashtag on their Instagram post to inform their customers of the postponement.

This is a good initiative from business owners as we need to be mindful that our health is the most important asset that we have. Despite having the SOPs relaxed, we should always comply with the basic SOPs to help curb the Covid-19 spread.

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