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Bukit Jalil PPV sees Massive Crowd for Walk-In Vaccinations

Social NewsBukit Jalil PPV sees Massive Crowd for Walk-In Vaccinations

Getting vaccinated is our priority now and it is the only way for Malaysians to walk out of the shadows of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With most of those residing in Klang Valley being administered at least the first dose, the Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV) had announced that PPVs are now opened for the walk ins.

This initiative is a good move to accelerate the vaccination rate but at the same time, it causes serious issues too.

Yesterday (10 August), photos and videos of hundreds of people queuing outside the Stadium Bukit Jalil PPV went viral on social media.

Source: Facebook
Source: Twitter

The photos was originally shared by a netizen on Facebook but it was being deleted by the netizen after some time. Nonetheless, the damage had already been done and those photos of the massive crowd was being circulated by other fellow netizens. Some who were at the scene had shared similar photos from their end too.

According to the announcement from JKJAV previously, the walk-in vaccinations at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium are for non-Malaysian citizens.

In addition, it is only for the non-Malaysian citizens who are 40 year-old and above from the period of 9 to 11 August, while those who were 18 year-old and above, they will be eligible for the walk-in vaccination between the period of 12 to 22 August.

Nonetheless, it is believed that with the absence of appointment slots, all of those who are eager to be vaccinated will gather at the PPV early in the morning to avoid the crowd. However, all of them were having the same thought, which then led to the crowd.

In the comment section, netizens pity those who had to queue for the vaccine and that they do not wish to see the Ministry of Health reporting a new cluster from this PPV.

Meanwhile, some are urging the government to reimplement the appointment system so as to manage the crowd at the PPV too.

Having that said, despite the ease of restrictions for those fully vaccinated, it is still the best for us to comply with the SOP and practice social distancing in public to curb the Covid-19 spread.

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