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Bersih launches “Voter’s Supremacy” movement and make 6 demands to Political Parties

Social NewsBersih launches "Voter's Supremacy" movement and make 6 demands to Political Parties

As the political crisis in Malaysia continues, the electoral watchdog, Bersih 2.0 had took it to Facebook to announce their movement they are initiating, in an effort to stop the political infighting among the parties and to restore the country’s democratic system.

The movement they started is called “Voter’s Supremacy” and the movement will last from 15 September until the 15th general election (GE15) being called. The last general election or GE14 was held back in May 2018.

In the statement, Bersih explained that there are currently too many loopholes in the democratic system and state instructions, and the politicians are doing their best to grab hold to power, while ignoring the people’s suffering in this pandemic.

They added that Malaysians are now confused about the situation and have seemed to lose hope after watching the political dramas.

Source: Twitter

With that in mind, Bersih said that they will be making 6 demands to all political parties and urge them to adopt them. The demands are:

  • Don’t surpress votes
  • Stop party hopping
  • Make Parliament work
  • Right for people to dissent
  • No double standards
  • Give taxpayers a voice

Meanwhile, they stressed that the Sheraton Move and the subsequent political chaos have sidelined the interest of the people and have eroded our parliamentary democracy.

“Politicians continue to grab for power while the public struggles under the lockdown to stay safe from Covid-19 and provide for themselves and their families.” they said in the statement.

Under this movement, Bersih will run several programmes on various social media platforms and on news portals with the theme and hashtag #KetuananPengundi or “#VotersSupremacy”.

“We hope this can generate public support and push political parties to adopt in their election manifesto key reforms that would strengthen the rights of voters and democracy.” they said.

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Read the statement from Bersih here:


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