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Sarawak Report reveals that Agong had advised Muhyiddin to resign for up to 3 times!

NewsSarawak Report reveals that Agong had advised Muhyiddin to resign for up...

Last Thursday (5 August), the Sarawak Report (SR) has reported that they have received information from their reliable sources that said that the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin had once again misrepresented the message that the King has communicated to him.

Previously, the King had make a public statement to refute claims by the Perikatan National (PN) government that he had given royal assent for the revocation of the Emergency Ordinances. In addition, the King requested that the matter to be tabled and debated in the Parliament too, which it was not implemented.

Nonetheless, after a series of incidents, the Parliament sitting that was held for this very purpose as directed by the King, acting together with the Council of Rulers, had been suspended by Muhyiddin.

According to SR, they claimed that the 5-minutes audience with the King was misrepresented by Muhyiddin. Their sources said “There were just twelve minutes between the time the PM arrived at the palace and when his car drew away again.”

Source: MalaysiaKini

During the brief audience, their sources revealed that the King had advised Muhyiddin to resign no less than 3 times. The advice was based on the grounds that the King had clear proof that at least 6 UMNO MPs do not back his continuance in office and the number has now grew more than doubled and the MPs have been joined by numerous other segments of their party at state and federal level

However, Muhyiddin resisted despite the King showing his evidence. Muhyiddin then claimed that he still has majority support and he begged the King to allow him to prove his case in the Parliament.

The King had then agreed for him to prove it in the Parliament as this is the prescribed method to for testing a contested majority when the Prime Minister himself is reluctant to honourably resign.

Having said that, the sources said that the King had assumed the vote will be carried out immediately and the Parliament will be reconvened immediately. However, such details as exact means and timing of the reconvening of Parliament were not discussed given the brevity and tension of the conversation between King and his prime minister.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin had subsequently deceptive misinterpreted the King’s position and claim that a decision had been mutually reached to resume the Parliament only in September.

SR then claimed that Muhyiddin’s purpose is to buy himself time to further bribe, bully and abuse his office in his attempts to collect enough numbers to pass the vote.

SR also claimed that Muhyiddin had started his move following a midnight meeting with the newly appointed UMNO DPM Ismail Sabri who turned up at the residence of Najib Razak for three hours in the wake of the return by the Mahiaddin government of confiscated goods and money seized in relation to 1MDB.

Meanwhile, the Istana Negara had not made any response to Muhyiddin’s claim that the King supports his unconscionable postponement of the Parliament.

SR also reported that the anger within the Royals are growing despite them keeping silent.

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