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Ninja Van rider helps woman avoid getting scammed worth of RM279

Scammers are becoming more and more prevalent in Malaysia, especially with the emergence of social media and online shopping platforms.

Over the years, many people have shared their experiences with online fraudsters in order to raise public awareness of scams.

This week, a Malaysian woman said that she escaped an online scammer who sent her husband an empty COD parcel worth RM 279 with the help of the delivery courier.

On 3rd August 2021, netizen Norashikin Othman took to Facebook to share how she was nearly scammed by a COD order purchased by her husband through Facebook.

The post, which was initially shared on her WhatsApp, was posted on Facebook after she received requests from friends to do so in hopes of raising public awareness about online scammers.

The incident took place on 2nd August 2021 when Norashikin’s husband called her to pick up a watch he ordered on Facebook for RM279 from a Ninja Van courier.

In her post, she mentioned that her husband made a COD order so that he can check the condition of the item upon arrival.

When the courier made it to her location, Norashikin asked the delivery rider if she can open the parcel to check the item before paying. But the courier said that their company policy did not allow for that.

The rider then asked her what did her husband buy since the box was seemingly lighter, suggesting that the parcel could be empty. Puzzled by the incident, Norashikin called her husband to inform him that the parcel cannot be opened until payment is made.

The courier, who had multiple experiences handling similar scam orders, also told Norashikin that the order could just be an empty box as he found two similar names – Crossborder and XTYCOD – printed on the contact information of the seller.

When Norashikin tried to shake the parcel to hear for signs of an item, the box also sounded empty. With multiple signs telling her that the order could most likely be an empty box, Norashikin proceeds to reject the parcel from the courier.

Since its posting, the viral story has garnered over 15,000 shares and more than 2,000 reactions from Malaysians. Norashikin thanked the Ninja Van delivery rider for helping her make that decision and at the same time, warned Malaysians to be cautious of online scammers.

Thank you, Norashikin for sharing her experience dealing with a potential online scammer. As she advised, we too urge Malaysians to be vigilant of scammers when purchasing items online.

It is recommended to always make online purchases from reliable sources and if you’re in doubt, don’t be hesitant to ask for help from friends or family members.


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