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Massive Crowd of foreign workers spotted at Midlands Convention Centre PPVIN

Social NewsMassive Crowd of foreign workers spotted at Midlands Convention Centre PPVIN

Yesterday (5 August), a massive crowd of foreign workers was spotted at the industry vaccination centre (PPVIN) at Midlands Convention Centre in Section 7, Shah Alam.

The scene was being recorded by a netizen who later shared it to Facebook, where he pointed out that these foreign workers had not complied with the social distancing rule while queuing for the vaccination.

In the video, the netizen said “Some of them were even hugging each other! None of them were distancing themselves!”

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

According to Bernama, Shah Alam OCPD, Asst Comm Baharudin Mat Taib said that the PPVIN will be closed for a day today (6 August) for coordination of duties regarding the vaccination of industrial workers.

“It was the PPVIN management who made the decision (on one-day closure).” he said briefly when contacted by reporters through WhatsApp yesterday (5 August).

At the same time, he also confirmed the authenticity of the video that went viral on social media, showing crowds in long queues and not practising physical distancing outside the centre.

It was reported that the foreign workers were told to leave the vaccination centre after long queues that stretched far beyond the centre’s perimeter formed as they waited for their Covid-19 vaccination yesterday (5 August) afternoon.

The centre’s management had requested assistance from the police team to take appropriate measures against the foreign workers who where found to be not complying with the set standard operating procedure (SOP).

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