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Employer in Subang allegedly forces Employee to take Ivermectin to prevent Covid-19

Social NewsEmployer in Subang allegedly forces Employee to take Ivermectin to prevent Covid-19

Ivermectin had been rumoured to be a potential cure for Covid-19 following a study conducted by Caly et al, which was published in the journal Antiviral Research with the conclusion that “a single treatment was able to effect a 5,000x reduction in virus at 48h cell culture”.

Nonetheless, the study conducted was carried out on Petri dishes in laboratory and it may have a different result on the human body.

On Wednesday (4 August), a netizen took it to Twitter after his sister’s employer allegedly asked her to take Ivermectin while at work as a prevention against Covid-19.

In the Tweet, he captioned “Remember my sister who tested positive for COVID-19 because of her workplace? Today her boss told her to take Ivermectin. Had to eat it in front of her”

He also shared the conversation between her sister and her colleagues, showing that other employees had been forced to swallow the pills, which is described as vitamins by the employer.

Source: Twitter

In the same thread, he said that the Company had forced employees who were tested positive for Covid-19 to be present for work too.

“Many went for swab test [on Tuesday, 3 August]. They found 23 people positive and still asked them to come in to work. The positive ones also have to come in. What is this? Cruel!” he said.

Previously, the netizen also pointed out his sister was infected by Covid-19 as a result of the Company disregarding the Covid-19 SOPs. In addition, he also said that the Company had forced the close contact of positive cases to be present for work if they are tested negative, or they will face pay cuts.

Meanwhile, the netizen said that her sister had made a police report regarding the incident but the police officer had advised her to retract her report as they claim that it is troublesome to get proceed with the case.

She would need to spend a huge sum on legal fees if the Company decides to sue her back. In addition, she will be required to commit her time for the legal proceedings too.

Nonetheless, facing the difficult situation, the netizen said that his sister decided to throw in the resignation letter and she even went to a doctor, where he advised that her to go straight to the hospital if there are serious side effect after consuming Ivermectin.

In the previous Tweet, it is also revealed that the Company his sister is previously working in is located in Subang, Selangor.

According to the Ministry of Health (KKM), Ivermectin is an an approved drug only for veterinary use in Malaysia. In contracts to the practice overseas, where it is approved for treating parastic infections such as onchocerciasis, strongyloidiasis, and other helminthic disease in humans.

KKM had announced that there are currently no conclusive evidence that the drug is a potential treatment for Covid-19 and they are still undergoing clinical trials.

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