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Interesting activities to do in GTA 5 Online

GTA Online has been a big success and it has become the second most popular game in the world. Rockstar Games is doing a great job rolling out new patches and updates for the game.

The dynamics of the open-world title have a lot to offer for the players with new features. There are a lot of activities players can do ranging from committing robbery and stealing cars to playing golf in the sunshine.

1. Visit the Playboy Mansion

The city of Los Santos beholds a beautiful and huge mansion known as the Richman Mansion. Players may have seen the real estate, as it is very hard to miss. The mansion is fully based on the real-life Playboy Mansion and players can go into the mansion to explore more. At certain times of the day, players will be able to see Playboy models roaming all around the pool and dancing.

2. Playing Golf

After executing some big heists and dealing with the cops, every player needs some rest to enjoy their hard-earned cash. What’s better than to head out for golfing? Players can go to the golf club and play friendly matches of golf with a maximum of three friends. The best part about golfing in GTA Online is that no kind of violence will be tolerated and players can play a peaceful game of golf.

3. Attend Luxurious Yacht Parties

Everybody must have dreamed about attending a Yacht party sometime in their life. GTA Online might make that dream possible, but players must have to be a millionaire in order to afford one. Even if the players couldn’t buy a yacht, there are many millionaires in GTA Online, who throw big yacht parties through discord servers. These parties can be really fun but always be ready for gunfights because that’s how players roll in GTA.


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