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Australian Telecast showcased a M’sian “Couple” for lying to Border Control Officers

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Malaysians have been categorised as one of the largest groups of illegal immigrants by the Australian government, for these Malaysians are making use of the refugee status to prevent them from being repatriate back to Malaysia.

Recently, an Australian reality TV programme called “Border Security: Australia’s Front Line” had broadcasted a video showing a Malaysian couple allegedly lying to the Australian Border Force officers about their visit into the country.

In the video, they said “This couple from Malaysia have arrived at Avalon Airport (in Victoria, Australia) claiming to be in Australia for a seven-day holiday, but Border Force wants to know more about their trip.”

Source: Facebook

A Border Force officer on duty then asked them general questions like “Is this your first time in Australia?” and “What brings you to Australia?”

The couple then replied that they were going on a honeymoon despite being 10 years in their marriage.

Nonetheless, they did not manage to convince the officers and they decide to interview the couple separately to see if their stories matched. As expected, the officers immediately spotted several differences in their explanation and this raises questions.

The couple allegedly gave different dates as to when they were married.

“They’re saying that they’re married and had been married for 10 years but the dates they’re giving us when they’re married is different.” the officer said, adding that they believe that they may not be a married couple.

Following that, the officers then asked about their itinerary where the couple had only one activity planned for their stay and it is “shopping”. However, they were unable to respond as to where they are going to shop.

“Oh, I’m not sure. I’ll find, I’ll find.” the woman told the officer.

In addition, the couple had not opted for check-in luggage for their flight back to Malaysia.

“Going home, there’s no check-in luggage which is a concern because if they’re coming here to shop, you obviously think that luggage would have more weight in it.” the officer said.

Source: Facebook

The officers immediately suspected that the woman is facilitating the man’s entry into Australia for illegal purposes, given that she knew more about their trip and had apparently planned it out without her supposed husband’s opinion.

Both the couple were then brought to an interview room for a second interview, but this time with an interpreter. After the interview, the officers ultimately decided that their explanations do not provide concrete evidence for the trip.

The officers then explained that their visas were immediately cancelled and the “couple” was then sent back to Malaysia on the next available flight.

This case is just one of the many which had happened and the Australian government had been taking more strict measures to prevent illegal immigrants from Malaysians. This may potentially cause trouble for those who are genuine tourists as they may be turned away out of fear and suspicion.

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