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Ain Husniza is being hit with a RM1 million Defamation Suit from her Teacher

Social NewsAin Husniza is being hit with a RM1 million Defamation Suit from...

Yesterday (4 August), Ain Husniza, the 17 year-old secondary school student who is behind the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement, took it to Twitter to share that she has been hit with a RM1 million defamation suit.

In the Tweet, she said “Today, I have suddenly received a letter of demand for defamatory statements.”

“In the letter, I was given 7 days to respond to the demands, including to settle RM1,000,000 in damages.” she said.

Nonetheless, Ain had not elaborate further on what the “defamatory statements” were.

Source: Malaysia Kini

In the same Tweet, she said “All I ask is for everyone to pray for me that everything will be made easier.”, while she thanked everybody for their support.

Meanwhile, her father, Saiful Nizam had in a Facebook post shared that the letter was delivered to them at 2 p.m. where it states that there were 5 demands towards Ain. One of them is to pay a RM1 million damages.

He added that the letter is from the law firm of Rasshidi Ema & Yung, representing the physical education teacher at the school Ain previously studied.

“Following lawyer’s advice, we will not comment further on this for now.”

“We will get more advice from our lawyer on our rights and the next course of action.” he said.

Earlier this year, Ain had exposed her physical education teacher for making rape jokes during their classes. Following which, she started the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace in the country.

While she received an overwhelming support from netizens, there had been numerous criticism made against her too. One of the critics appeared to be the principal at Ain’s school, where she allegedly called Ain a “hypocrite”, “Satan’s spawn wearing a headscarf”, and told Ain’s parents to “educate her with manners”.

Despite the tremendous backlash from netizens, the Ministry of Education (MOE) had taken almost a month to conclude the case and finally transferred the male teacher to another school in May.

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Check out the post from Ain here:

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