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Telegram Group Video Calls Can Accomodate 1000 Viewers

At the end of June, Telegram announced that up to 30 users can participate in a video call. Subsequently, the company has said that this limit will be increased in the future.

But despite having a new update for the messaging app, it does not involve increasing the number of speakers. Instead, as part of a new update, the feature can support up to 1000 viewers.

That is a pretty important distinction, but the company gave a few possible use case scenarios for this. One is online lectures, where the number of viewers are definitely larger than the number of speakers. On its update page, the company says that it will keep increasing this limit.

Other improvements that come as part of this update are also video-focused. One is that video messages will come at a higher resolution. You can also tap on a video message to expand it. Tap it again while it’s expanded to pause it. There’s also the ability to change video playback speed as well, with options being 0.5x, 1.5x and 2x.

On the recording front, you can now have your device audio continue playing while you record. Beyond that, there’s the ability to share your screen during one-on-one video calls. Smaller, but important, changes include extending the period of message auto-deleting to a month, and more precise drawing while editing images.


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