Thursday, March 30, 2023

Muhyiddin is still the PM for now! Announcing that the Vote Of Confidence will be held in September

NewsMuhyiddin is still the PM for now! Announcing that the Vote Of...

In response to the political drama that happened last evening (2 August), Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin, along with his Ministers had in a press conference today (3 August) announced that Muhyiddin will still be the Prime Minister for now.

In the press conference, he also said that during the discussion with his Members of Parliament (MP) and the King, the subject of his resignation was not brought up as he received a number of letters from members of the Dewan and he has presented a sufficient majority of the support.

Following that, the King has decreed to put his confidence in Parliament to the test, which Muhyiddin agreed and suggested the confidence vote to be conducted in the Parliament in September.

“I know that they are less than happy with my assertiveness for not serving some of their demands. This includes the insistence that I interfered in court affairs to acquit some individuals who are being prosecuted for criminal offences.”

However, Muhyiddin insisted that he will not sacrifice his priciples and turn his back on the oath he made to his position to discharge all duties honestly and shed allegiance to the King and State and preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

Meanwhile, he also requested all public servants and frontliners to continue performing their responsibilities despite the political crisis happening in the country.

He added that he will make sure the vaccination programme will continue as usual despite the political situation.

Muhyiddin also urge Malaysians to not panic as the financial assistance announced previously will continue to be distributed to Malaysians without any hinderance.

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Read the full text of Muhyiddin’s speech during the special announcement here:


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