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M’sian Man who failed to swim across Penang Straits attempted again with Styrofoam Raft

Social NewsM'sian Man who failed to swim across Penang Straits attempted again with...

Earlier this week, a 28 year-old Malaysian man was caught by the authorities after he attempted to travel across the Penang Straits on a styrofoam raft. It is believed that the man caught from the incident is the same person who attempted to swim across the Penang Straits to meet his friend previously.

According to Utusan, the man was detected by the authorities on 2 August when they see a floating object in the middle of the sea before a boat went for the rescue.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Photos and videos of the man lying on the styrofoam raft went viral on social media too. The man was seen to be carrying a backpack and wearing a sarong drapped around his body.

In the comment section of the Facebook post, netizens claims that the man is the same man who tried to swim about 3km from Georgetown to Seberang Perai.

However, halfway through the strait, he changed his mind and turn back towards the jetty after he ran out of steam. He was then rescued by the officers from Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB).

Nonetheless, netizens praised him for his determination to travel across the straits just to meet with his loved ones. At the same time, netizens also criticized the government’s policies that failed to handle the pandemic in Malaysia which led to the citizens suffering.

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