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M’sian complaints about Vaccine Leak during Adminstration, Health Officer says this is better than Empty Syringe

Social NewsM'sian complaints about Vaccine Leak during Adminstration, Health Officer says this is...

Last Saturday (31 July), a netizen, named Emma Soh, took it to Facebook to share her experience during the vaccination, including her claims that she had only receive half of the prescribed dose.

According to Emma, she went to a vaccination centre in Bukit Tinggi, Klang on the said day to be vaccinated. She also also took a video of her vaccination process and had shared the video in her Facebook post too.

In the video, we can see that the nurse did injected the needle on Emma’s arm. However, after the nurse made some adjustment, the needle detacted from the syringe and had caused the vaccine to have leak out onto her arm.

She also pointed out that people may see only 4 drops of the vaccine flowing down her arm but in actual fact, she felt that it was more than 4 drops.

Source: Facebook

She also commented that she did not feel uncomfortable about the incident and had questioned the nurse who administered the vaccination whether she had receive a sufficient amount of vaccine.

The nurse then replied her “This is Pfizer, and it doesn’t matter if it’s leaked.”

Emma was disappointed with the respond and she went out of the vaccination room and complaint it to another health officer. The nurse then followed her while Emma was walking out and he said “It’s better to have a leak than to get an empty shot.”

She was then being brought to a room to wait for the doctor in charge to clarify the situation. Nonetheless, the doctor informed Emma that that she cannot give her extra doses. Emma then asked the doctor how her case will normally be handled, where the doctor replied that they will “most likely” monitor her special case.

Following this incident, Emma said “So what?!? I’m not fully protected, vaccinated but not vaccinated?”

Meanwhile, she tagged all the relevant authorities in the Facebook post, including the Ministry of Health (KKM), Special Committee on COVID-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV), Minister of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Khairy Jamaluddin, and World Health Organisation (WHO).

Following the incident, the doctor in charge has reported the incident to CITF and they will be following up on the incident, as reported by Sin Chew. She added that Emma will be called up for a Covid-19 antibody test after her 2nd dose to determine whether she has sufficient immunity against the virus.

Emma will then be given a 3rd dose if the antibody test shows that she does not have sufficient immunity against Covid-19.

She added that they were unable to give her extra doses at that time as they were unable to determine how much vaccine was being leak, and fearing that extra doses could lead to other health issues.

Having that said, apart from taking note from the “empty syringe” incident, you may now want to be mindful of this “vaccine leak” incident too.

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