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Frustrated with Muhyiddin, Netizens are now directing their attacks towards her Daughter

Social NewsFrustrated with Muhyiddin, Netizens are now directing their attacks towards her Daughter

Amidst the political tension that is happening in Malaysia, the daughter of the current Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Najwa Mahiaddin, who is a singer-songwriter had been under furious social media attack from netizens as they let go of their frustrations to the current government on her.

Despite being inactive on Instagram, netizens who knew the fact that Najwa is Muhyddin’s daughter had started to bash her in the comment section.

The Instagram post was shared back in January this year and Najwa took it to Instagram to share the latest song from her. However, netizens did not hesitate care so much about it and launched their attack on her post.

Source: Instagram

The critics from netizens were not targeted at her personally but were more towards Muhyiddin and his family.

The netizens wrote “Thank you for the 1 million Covid-19 cases, including the deaths. Hope your family is happy.”

“Is this the daughter of the Minister who failed to manage the country? #KerajaanGagal”

The criticism just kept going on but there were some who comforted Najwa that her father’s actions has nothing to do with her. They even asked Najwa to continue making new songs for Malaysians too.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Nonetheless, Najwa did not respond to any of these negative comments and closed the comment section on the Instagram post. Netizens, on the other hand had continued their critics at the next Instagram post from her.

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Check out the Instagram post here:

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