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39 PDRM officers and family members dead due to Covid-19 since Pandemic Erupted in Malaysia

News39 PDRM officers and family members dead due to Covid-19 since Pandemic...

Yesterday (2 August), Bukit Aman Management Department director, Datuk Zaini Jass said that the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has recorded 39 deaths involving their officers and their family members due to Covid-19 since the Covid-19 pandemic erupted in Malaysia last year.

At the same time, he said that PDRM also recorded a cumulative case of 6,007 involving their officers and their family members being tested positive for Covid-19.

“Of the total, 833 were Senior Police Officers, 2,935 Junior Police Officers, 294 Civil Officers and 1,945 were family members.” he said, during an interview with Harian Metro.

“A total of 495 PDRM personnel and their family members are still fighting against the virus.” he said.

According to Zaini, the 39 deaths recorded involves a Senior Police Officer, 10 Junior Police Officers, a General Officer and 27 family members.

Source: The Borneo Post

“Since the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak in the country, all PDRM personnel are required to adopt the new standard operating procedures (SOP) at all times when performing daily tasks such as Roadblocks (SJR), arrests, raids and Police Enquiry Counter duties.”

“The government also gave priority to every PDRM member to be given a vaccine when the National Covid-19 Immunisation Program has just started.” Zaini said.

According to him, the Management Department also issued several guidelines to ensure a high level of compliance with Covid-19 SOPs. This is to ensure that the PDRM officers are given sufficient protection from being infected with Covid-19, and at the same time to break the transmission network among detainees in police lockups.

“Among the SOPs and guidelines issued are PDRM personnel must wear face masks while performing their duties, conduct temperature screening and scan the location QR code with a registered with MySejahtera account in the police building to facilitate close contacts tracing.”

“Besides that, we also make announcements through PDRM broadcasts as a reminder to our members regarding healthy practices at least once a week, reminding them to avoid shaking hands and physical contact in any way and maintain social distance at all times.”

“PDRM personnel also need to wash their hands regularly and sanitise their hands, practice 3S, avoid being in narrow and enclosed places or crowded areas.”

In addition, PDRM do not allow chit-chatting in close proximity to each other too. Once any symptoms of infection are detected, personnel must seek treatment from a clinic or hospital immediately and undergo testing.” he said.

Having said that, there are heavy responsibilities that PDRM officers have on their shoulders. Apart from risking their lives to enforce the law, they had to protect their family members too.

Hence, it is best we do our part and comply with the SOP to curb the Covid-19 spread among the community.

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