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Iconic 1989 Proton Saga wins UK’s ‘Festival Of The Unexceptional’, becomes the Best Classic Car

Social NewsIconic 1989 Proton Saga wins UK’s ‘Festival Of The Unexceptional’, becomes the...

The Hagerty’s Festival Of The Unexceptional is known to celebrate “the ordinary, maligned and unloved cars of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s.”

There were around 3,000 people who attended the festival and more than 50 participators took part in the Concours de l’Ordinare competition. The rule of the competition straightforward is that only vehicles registered between 1966 – 1996 be accepted and originality is the main focus.

In other words, this is a celebration of mundane cars, where these cars usually wouldn’t be on the radar of a typical concours.

Guess what? The winner of the competition is Jon Coupland, who owns a 1989 Proton (Saga) 1.5 GL Black Knight Edition. Among those who competed includes, Peugeot, Volvo, Ford, Nissan, Austin, Toyota, Lancia, Saab and Volkswagen but none of them stands out against the Proton Saga.

Source: Twitter

The iconic 1989 Proton Saga had recently won an international award at a classic car festival in the United Kingdom (UK) after it beats out all 49 other contestants to appear as the winner at the ‘Festival of the Unexceptional’.

According to Malay Mail, this model is one of the only 201 units sold by Proton in the UK.

Meanwhile, according to the UK’s How Many Left website, which tracks the number of vehicles registered in the UK, showed that Coupland’s Proton Saga is the only one of its kind in existence currently.

According to Jon Coupland, he bought the vehicle back in 2019 and he said that the first owner of the vehicle kept it in the garage since 1993 after falling ill. At that time, the car has clocked only a mileage of around 3,600 miles, which is equivalent to 5,794 kilometres before he sells it to the second owner in 2017.

Source: Twitter

Before being sold to Jon, the car was driven for another 10,000 miles, or 16,093 kilomotres. Despite being an old car, the Proton Saga is at its tip top condition as it was being well taken care of.

During an interview, Jon revealed that he is a car enthusiast since he was young. He also claimed that his Proton Saga Black Knight is the only survivor of the model that remains in this world now, according to engear.tv.

Nonetheless, the Proton Saga Black Knight Edition has quite a bit of differences when compared to the Saga Knight that we got in Malaysia. The Black Knight Edition is a sedan rather than an Aeroback and it is painted in a similar metallic grey colour. It also has “luxury” of unique hubcap (rim covers), special body stickers, and spoilers too.

Having that said, it is certainly a proud moment for Malaysians to see our national car win an award overseas. Hence, our national car is not to be underestimated!

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Check out the announce of the winner here:

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