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Polish influencer, @martirenti sells her “Digital Love” using Blockchain Tech

Tech & GamesPolish influencer, @martirenti sells her "Digital Love" using Blockchain Tech

You can sell anything these days, as long as there is somebody who is willing to buy it.

Recently, a Polish Instagram influencer, Marta Rental was reported to have successfully sold her “love” online for US$250,000 (≈ RM1.058 million) as an NFT (non-fungible token), according to Insider.

Meanwhile, the buyer of her “love” remained anonymous and it is said that the buyer has been given a chance to Polish Instagram influencer once the transaction is completed.

Nonetheless, NFT is a “digital assets stored on blockchain technology”, where it is the same technology that makes makes cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin possible. There have been a lot of standard and odd applications for NFTS, developed over digital art, digital music rights and even digital games, but “digital love” is the first of its own.

Source: Instagram

According to Rental, who handles the Instagram account @martirenti, says the love she sold was for the online persona.

“Nothing on the Internet is physical, it’s a part of my online persona.” she said.

On her website, where she extends to her wider work as an influencer.

“My name is Marti Renti.”

“It’s not my ‘real’ name though, it’s the digital version of it, coming from the parallel world where the internet is my stage.”

Currently, Rentel has more than 654,000 followers on Instagram and is a known personality in her country. She said that she is set out to achieve something “unique” by tokenising her emotions.

Rental also mentioned that she has decided to sell other NFTs through her website, which give the buyer exclusive ownership to her Instagram photos and YouTube videos.

She said that she got the idea from an Italian artist, Salvatore Garau, who sold an invisible sculpture titled “Io sono” or “I am” for US$18,300 (≈ RM77,418) in May.

Rental added that selling her love is more than just an unusual way to make money or consolidate her place in or consolidate her place in history books and she believes it makes a statement to women about their autonomy.

“For me, selling digital love is empowering for women because we can love without compromising our freedom and individuality.”

“Digital love is transactional, but so is marrying a man just because he is wealthy and stable, right?” she said, adding that she will be donating part of the money to the right charity which she is still searching for.

At the same time, she hopes that more influencers will take inspiration from her and be creative with what they offer their online following.

Source: Instagram

Regarding the details of the sale, Rentel said that she was only informed of the sale as of now. The buyer’s identity will remain anonymous while the transaction is still pending.

When asked if she thinks real love could develop from the digital transaction, Rentel said there is every chance that the mysterious buyer could also be “a woman or child who is very rich.”

Despite this, Rentel remained positive on her initiatives and she said “If I manage to successfully mint my Digital Love and find my second half, then why shouldn’t other feelings and emotions just follow?”

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