Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Health DG suspects Delta Variant spreading among Parliament Staff

Social NewsHealth DG suspects Delta Variant spreading among Parliament Staff

The Parliament sitting has been put on hold since last Thursday (29 July) following the detection of Covid-19 cases during the Parliament session is ongoing.

At first, the Parliament sitting is said to be delayed only to Monday (2 August). However, the Health Director-General, Dr Noor Hisham is quick to retract the decision and announced that the Parliament sessions will now be “pushed back till further notice”.

Responding to the matter, Dr Noor Hisham explains that among the 11 positive cases detected in the Parliament through RT PCR, 4 have samples from the Sungai Buloh Public Health Laboratory have been analysed with whole genomic sequencing.

“Through the analysis, all four of the samples show that there is a mutation on the spike protein and it is either the Delta variant or the Kappa variant.”

“Based on the Variant of Concern that is circulating in the community, there is a big chance that it is the Delta variant.” he said.

In the Twitter thread, he also explained that the clinical studies have found that cases infected with the Delta variant have a virus content that is 1,200 times higher than cases infected with the normal (non-VOC) variant.

According to The Edge, Dr Noor Hisham also warned of the superspreader event could erupt in Parliament if the special parliamentary sitting is not postponed.

“Although the total Covid-19 cases detected during this Parliament sitting were only 0.8%, the results of a risk assessment that considered the epidemiology and environmental factors present have concluded that the Parliament is a high-risk gathering that could lead to the spread of Covid-19.” he said.

“There were six symptomatic cases with high infectivity rate (with low CT values) who carry the risk of spreading the disease with the potential of (the transmission) turning into a superspreader (event).”

“Given the risk assessment and to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Parliament, the Health Ministry has proposed that all meetings, including those of the Selection Committee and parliamentary select committees, as well as any planned tabling or any meetings involving people who were at Parliament between 26 July and 29 July, be postponed for two weeks from 29 July.” he added.

On the other hand, netizens were not so happy to receive this decision from the Health DG and criticized him for having double standard when it comes to imposing the SOP on citizens and on the government.

A netizen pointed out that the Ideal Convention Center (IDCC) Vaccination Centre (PPV) in Shah Alam had previously detected 200 positive cases but there were no genome sequencing test being done. He added that the PPV was being closed for only a day before it continues to operate on the next day.

Another netizen said that almost all of the MPs have been fully vaccinated and why must the Parliament close for 2 weeks, when the factories and PPVs are allowed to operate and close for only a few days. He added “Are the lives of the citizens and the politicians different?”

The criticism just continues on and Malaysians are obviously disappointed with the Parliament being closed and nobody are there to voice their issues.

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