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Petition demanding for Muhyiddin’s resignation as the Prime Minister went Viral

Source: Change.org

The current Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin quickly ascend to power following the political drama that happened in Malaysia in March 2021. Following the incident, the Perikatan National (PN) government which is led by Muhyiddin had often been criticized by Malaysians as a back-door government.

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Malaysia, the PN government has been under constant criticism for their controversial and double standard measures in combating Covid-19.

On Friday (30 July), a petition calling for the resignation of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the Prime Minister has went viral on social media and it has garnered over 30,000 signatures within 20 hours.

Source: Change.org

The petition was created by a netizen named Ariffaizal Mohd Nor Ariffin following an interview with Raja Annuar Adnan live on Facebook. The petition was given the title “Petisyen mendesak YAB Tan Sri Mahiaddin letak jawatan Perdana Menteri” or “Petition urging for YAB Tan Sri Mahiaddin to resign as Prime Minister”.

The petition was written in Bahasa Malaysia and the creator of the petition aims to voice out the current issues faced by Malaysians and their initiative to force Muhyiddin to take responsibility for the alleged failures of his administration and resign from his position as Prime Minister.

In addition, the petition also claimed that Muhyiddin no longer has the capability to lead the PN government due to the 10 following factors.

  1. Muhyiddin has completely failed to adhere to the King’s request to reconvene the Parliament and debate the various Emergency Ordinances and National Recovery Plan.
  2. Muhyiddin has failed to to synchronise the action and decisions of his Cabinet Ministers so they do not make any contradicting policies that will ultimately affect the citizens.
  3. Muhyiddin has proven to propagate “fake news” by stating that fully-vaccinated Malaysians will be allowed to inter-state travel.
  4. Muhyiddin has failed to conduct studies and implement comprehensive and systematic policies that benefit all Malaysians, especially for the M40 and T20 who has been neglected throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) and total lockdown.
  5. Muhyiddin has failed to put the nation’s economy back on track after many foreign investors prefer to invest in our neighbouring countries instead.
  6. Muhyiddin has failed to defend the nation’s image on the international level and made Malaysia a laughing stock of the world.
  7. Muhyiddin has wasted public funds by appointed a bloated Cabinet with most of the ministers not contributing anything to the nation.
  8. Up to date, the legitimacy of Mahiaddin as Prime Ministers has yet to be proven in Parliament due to his actions of suspending the Legislative body without any valid reason.
  9. Muhyiddin has done serious damage to the Federal Constitution by backdating the revocation of 6 Emergency Ordinances in Parliament and not being transparent about the matter in the Dewan Rakyat.
  10. The PN government has sold many national assets and made many domestic loans as early as January until May this year worth approximately RM130.03 billion without any valid reasons for both. In addition, there is lack of transparency as to where these funds were being spent as it was never approved or debated in Parliament.

Earlier on, there was survey that claim that 85% of Malaysians rejected Muhyiddin as the Prime Minister and wanted him to make way for a better leader.

Check on the petition at Change.org here!

What do you think about this petition and the claims regarding the Prime Minister’s failures? Share your thoughts!

Watch the live interview between Ariffaizal Mohd Nor Ariffin and Raja Annuar Adnan here:

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