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Jollibee plans to open 120 Outlets in West Malaysia

Good news fast food lovers! Jollibee is finally expanding its franchise in West Malaysia. In fact, Jollibee Foods Corporation and its partners are already planning to open as many as 120 outlets in the next decade.

The Malaysia Reserve reported that Jollibee Foods Corporations recently inked a joint venture with Golden Plate Pte. Ltd. and Beeworks Investment Pte. Ltd. with a RM33.7 million investment.

Why is Jollibee such a hit with foodies around the world? According to longtime patrons, the big part of Jollibee’s “secret sauce” is its eclectic menu.  “One of the key things really is that it’s popular food — fried chicken, pasta, pies — but it’s twisted in a different way that’s very true to Jollibee in its uniqueness,” Jose Minana, Jollibee’s group president for North America, previously said. “It’s almost like a mosaic of different flavors, it’s not just that one blanket that fits all.”

One of Jollibee’s signature offering is the Chickenjoy. Well-loved for its crispy and juicy texture, the hand-breaded fried chicken is made with a secret marinade. The dish also comes along with a side of gravy called “ethereal”. Foodies usually order it as a combo with Jolly Spaghetti. Some have even claimed that they prefer Chickenjoy more than KFC.

Malaysia currently only has 1 Jollibee outlet (Halal-certified) and it’s located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


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