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M’sian Gamers recorded RM2.7bil of purchases over the past year

Approximately RM2.7 billion purchases recorded by local gamers over the past year.

This large amount is seen as increasing compared to 2019 if it is reported that purchases for the same segment were recorded at around RM2.5 billion and the increase is closely related to the situation of the Movement Control Order (PKP) in this country since last year.

It makes the country one of the game-building ‘benefits’ for the Southeast Asian region and most purchases are made through the cosmetic offer of a game title.

The related purchases include new game titles, cosmetic purchases such as power ups and unique characters and even various types of in-game purchases.

In fact, the form of tough gamers who can spend thousands of ringgit a month just to buy their ‘game necessities’.

Malaysian Cyber ​​Users Association (MCCA) president Siraj Jalil said the figures were huge for a country like Malaysia.

“If we look at the existing data, the record for buying games for the people of the United States (US) is approximately RM4 billion, while Malaysia has recorded almost RM3 billion.

“Based on our record we also see that most purchases are made by mobile ‘gaming feet’ using smartphones as gaming platforms.

“The number of registered game accounts is 20 million owners and we assume that many of these gamers have more than one account, in fact they also shop for each related account.

“During this Covid-19 pandemic, most smartphone users have more time at home and shopping,” he said.

According to him, this smartphone user is around 17 to 40 years old, even adults are no exception to being ‘trapped’ in purchasing cosmetics for this game, they even have the financial ability to purchase in-game purchases.

According to him, based on global records, it also shows that Malaysia as one of the countries with the highest record of game purchases is even among the highest in Southeast Asia.

“In addition to this number, we also see that men dominate the gamer community by around 43 percent while women make up 40 percent,” he said.


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