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Heartfelt sorrow after National High Jumper, Lee Hup Wei apologises to Malaysians for his Performance at Tokyo 2020

Source: YouTube

To all of our representatives for the Olympic games, just remember that we are always proud of you no matter the results of the competition.

It had been a norm for Malaysian athletes to apologise after they were being defeated during the Olympic games. In fact, they have nothing to be sorry for and Malaysians should instead be proud of them to be able to represent the nation for the biggest sports event in the world.

Yesterday (30 July) in an interview between national high jumper, Lee Hup Wei and Astro Arena, Lee could not hold back his tears while he explains his failure to pass the first height of 2.17 meters at the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

During the interview, the 34 year-old athlete said that he was under extreme pressure ever since he was at the event and it got to a point where he could not feel anything.

Source: YouTube

“I’ve done my best. To come here is not easy, I got here by going through a lot of obstacles. But when I was here I couldn’t do my best, I apologise.” Lee said, while he started tearing up.

Lee added that his coach had given him all the guidance but when he was at the scene, he was so stressed that he went blank. “That 2.17 height is not the problem because the problem is myself doing it poorly.” he said.

After saying that, tears started rolling down and he indicated that he wanted to end the interview.

When being asked whether he will continue joining the next Olympics games, he said “This is my last Olympics games. I won’t be going to the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

The reason for his decision is that he would like to give the opportunity away to his juniors to prove themselves. He then extended his apologies to Malaysians for not doing his best during the competition.

Nadi Arena reporter, Bazly Azmi felt the sorrow Lee had in his heart and he could not help it but to tear up as well, saying that he would like to thank Lee Hup Wei on behalf of all Malaysians.

With his voice breaking, Bazly said “I’ve known Hup Wei for 15 years and this is the first time I’ve seen him cry. I hope that he will for receive criticism for what had happened in this Olympics.”

“We need to always support Hup Wei and our Malaysian athletes to chase the coveted gold medal. As for others, Lee Hup Wei’s spirit and effort of obtaining most gold medals in the athletics squad during the 2017 Sea Games should be an example. We hope Hup Wei would continue representing the country at least for the 2022 Sea Games.”

Nonetheless, we all know that Lee had done his best in braving all the challenges just to be able to represent the country. Hence, no matter what happened at the competition, we are extremely proud of you.

You are a hero in Malaysia!

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