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Hadi Awang claims that Opposition fears PN Govt for its Success

NewsHadi Awang claims that Opposition fears PN Govt for its Success

Amid the political uncertainty in Malaysia, PAS president, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang said that the Opposition bloc in the Parliament feared the administration of the Perikatan National (PN) government for its ability to solve the problems plaguing the nation.

Hadi says that the success of the PN government comes after the coalition government includes Bumiputera-based and non-Muslim parties that rejected extreme approaches.

However, Hadi claims that this approach had caused the Opposition to feel threatened as they feared the dominance of Muslims and the non-extreme group is able to solve many problems that will unite the Muslims. He added that the Opposition do not want to see Muslims united in the country.

“There will definitely be a movement to overthrow the PN government by all means.”

“As such, all people, especially the country’s leaders should not be deceived again and must stop any elements that conspire to eliminate Islam in this country.” he said in a statement on his Facebook yesterday (30 July).

Source: mStar

Meanwhile, the political uncertainty in Malaysia started after the PN government allegedly revoked the Emergency Ordinances (EOs) since 21 July without the King’s consent.

This incident had caused the King to be utterly disappointed with the PN government and this was expressed through his statement via the Istana Negara. The King had also requested for the revocation of Emergency Ordinances be tabled and debated in Parliament was not implemented.

This incident then prompted the Opposition and even some UMNO leaders to call for Muhyiddin’s resignation. However, PAS was fast to pledged their support to Muhyiddin and wanted him to be remained in office.

On Thursday (29 July) evening, the Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement to clarify that the revocation of EOs was done in accordance with the law.

Nonetheless, Hadi did not clarify on the controversy of his post, whereby Takiyuddin, the PAS secretary-general, who first announced the revocation in the Dewan Rakyat on Monday.

Instead, Hadi had took the opportunity to criticise the Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) time as government, describing it as a “secular administration dominated by non-Muslims” and riddled with deceit.

He also claimed that the Muslim groups who had been influenced by the PH government are nothing more than “slaves after becoming warriors”.

“They followed the then government and spoke out to protect its plans which paralysed Islam and Muslims.” he said.

In addition, he said that thou foreign colonisers have long left Malaysia, their agenda is still rampant throughout the world.

“We must be prepared to face any eventuality so that their plans will not be brought into our nation.” he added.

Read the statement from Hadi Awang here:


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