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11 Covid-19 Positive cases detected in Parliament on 29 July

Social News11 Covid-19 Positive cases detected in Parliament on 29 July

Yesterday (29 July), the Parliament sitting ended early after there were announcements of employees in the Parliament building were tested positive for Covid-19.

Following the announcement, all employees in the Parliament building, including the Members of Parliament (MP) were being screened for Covid-19.

The results were then announced by the Health director-general, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah today (30 July), where he said a total of 11 Covid-19 cases were detected in Parliament on yesterday (29 July).

He explained that the first case was detected on an RT-PCR test, while the other 10 were detected using the RTK-Antigen (Ag) saliva test kits.

Source: FMT

He added that the first case involves a employee who has been on duty at the Parliament from Monday (26 July) to Wednesday (28 July).

“The individual tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday (29 July) via an RT-PCR test conducted at a health facility outside, after the person suffered from a cough and fever.”

“A second positive case was discovered in Parliament after an individual conducted an RTK-Ag self-test on the morning of Thursday. The individual had suffered from coughs.” Dr Noor Hisham said in a statement, cited by The Star.

Meanwhile, in the 2 other cases, both individuals were tested negative for Covid-19 during the screening before the start of the current Parliament sitting but turned positive during the screening yesterday (29 July).

“Based on early investigations, both individuals were found to have been at several locations in Parliament throughout the special sitting.”

“The Health Ministry then advised all of those present at Parliament from Monday (26 July) to undergo screening via RTK-Ag saliva tests.” he said.

In addition, Noor Hisham said that his team had conducted screenings of 1,183 individuals in the Parliament using RTK-Ag saliva test kits.

“From that screening session which ended at 8pm on Thursday, another nine positive cases were discovered.” he added.

Nonetheless, out of the 11 positive cases detected in the Parliament, 9 of them were experiencing mild symptoms and the rest where asymptomatic.

Meanwhile, he added that the Ministry will conduct risk assessments and contact tracing activities after the discovery of the Covid-19 cases and that disinfection work will also be carried out at the Parliament building.

“Those who will be present at the special Parliament sitting next week are advised to conduct Covid-19 screening first. Those who are symptomatic are urged not to be present at Parliament.” Noor Hisham said.

Previously, the Ministry had discovered up to 56 Covid-19 cases from the pre-Parliament screenings.

Those who were tested positive include 2 MPs, 6 aides and 48 government officers and all of them were not allowed to attend the current Parliament sitting.

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